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Navigating Cleanup Requirements under State and Federal Law

Doll I Mack l Wells PLLC works with private and public clients to assess liabilities arising from contaminated sites, including soils, sediment and groundwater, negotiate with regulators over the scope of remedial projects, and resolve cleanup and natural resource damage liabilities. We help clients achieve regulatory compliance, compel historic polluters to pay for investigation and cleanup, and where necessary, litigate to pursue or defend claims for recovery of remedial action costs. Our practice includes individual commercial and residential sites, urban redevelopment, and complex multi-party sediment cleanup sites on Puget Sound and the Willamette River.

Due Diligence in Real Estate Transactions

We advise purchasers and sellers of property with known or potential contamination on the scope and extent of their due diligence using environmental site assessments.  We also counsel clients on the terms of real estate purchase and sale agreements related to hazardous substances and pollutants. 

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