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Water Quality Permit Compliance and Regulatory Development

Doll I Mack l Wells PLLC represents clients on all aspects of individual and general permit applications, compliance, and defending enforcement actions. Our work includes advice on monitoring, assessment, and selection of appropriate treatment technology; issues associated with listings of impaired water bodies; development of Total Maximum Daily Loads; and emerging issues around water quality variances. We work with clients and business associations to proactively maintain compliance with water quality permits and defend permittees in agency and private-party citizen enforcement actions. Our clients include a wide array of industrial, manufacturing, business association, and public entities.

Dealing with a Changing Regulatory Landscape

Water quality laws and regulations are subject to constant review and modification. We work with clients including many business associations to ensure their interests are taken into account during development of water quality standards and related policies at the state and federal level. Our work includes strategic advice to clients on legislative initiatives as well as state and federal litigation to challenge or defend agency rules.

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